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By: David Hatch

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Thursday, 15-May-2008 08:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A good omen?

Nearly there
As you can see from the photo the annual composite photo is nearly ready for framing.

Normally it's quite a pain to get it all prepared, i.e. collating all the matchday photos, making them fit in the space available, adding score and date details, placing lines to cut along and then checking everything once more.

And once the pieces are all cut to size it's then a time-consuming task to stick the fifteen pieces together accurately. I start at the top left and work to the bottom right. Any errors in the earlier pieces get progressively magnified until the last piece simply doesn't fit. That's when I'm glad that I've used low-tack adhesive and can go back and re-position everything.

There absolutely must be a simpler way of doing this, such as getting it all printed out professionally as a single image, but I doubt it'd be cheap enough

Still, apart from the final stage the job's over for another year. This time it all printed out like a dream, with no printer jams at all, so I'm wondering if that's a good omen for a successful 2008/09.

Tuesday, 13-May-2008 21:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The annual composite photo

The entire 2007/08 season
The season's over and it's time to sort out the annual composite photo and get it to the Rose of Denmark ready for the new season.

It's a bit of a faff to print it all out on sheets of A4 in such a way that it can be pieced together neatly as a single image, but the fact that so many away supporters make a point of checking it when they next visit makes the effort worthwhile. For those who can't wait I've posted a preview of it here.

For the first time in ages I checked the stats on this site and found to my amazement that, even though the season is over, it's still averaging 100 visitors a day. This is certainly encouragement, if it were needed, to carry on for our seventh consecutive season.

I've missed half a dozen home games this season and this is likely to continue. I'm off on honeymoon on 4th August and expect that I'll start the new season with a least a couple of 'no-shows'. However, I'm hoping that Geoff Keys will be able to cover my absence as far as matchday photos are concerned.

Our slogan for this site is 'Promoting Football Harmony', and it seems to find resonance with everyone we meet. When Cardiff visited last November they came with a certain reputation, but we had a cracking time with them - we even persuaded two PR-focused policemen to get into the photo

So, to all the visiting supporters who've helped to make matchdays a properly memorable occasion, even when we've been beaten, I'd like to say, 'Thanks, and hope to see you again'. And we Charlton supporters must be hoping that our team is less hospitable to visiting clubs next season than we are in the pub

Saturday, 10-May-2008 22:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Late addition

CAFC 1 Southampton 1, 12/04/2008
I must apologise to any Southampton supporters who've been waiting to see their photos appear here. Now that the season is over I'm compiling the annual composite image of all the match day photos that we've taken this season, and by cross-checking against the fixture list I discovered that for some reason this photo didn't get posted - sorry

Geoff took this photo because I was away on holiday in Cape Verde. When he e-mailed me this photo he wrote: 'We played well enough to win today, against a Southamptton side that didn't carry much threat. Trouble was that a comical own goal gave them a lead and at least two blatant penalties were not given to us by the Ref. Plus ca change .......'

But by this point our season was pretty much over as far as our play-off hopes were concerned.

Sunday, 4-May-2008 22:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Not with a whimper but a bang

CAFC 4 Coventry 1, 4/05/2008
A Fistful Of Wankas
Farewell Chrissie Powell
Who'd have thought it? After a season that had long since been euphemistically labelled 'disappointing' we expected, at best, a narrow win, if not another home defeat. For that reason we decided it was time for a mass outing of the 'Wanka' shirt'.

But then the team (pleasantly) surprised us all with a commanding performance and a 4-1 victory. Coventry, who could have gone down if other results had gone against them, had reason to keep fighting, which gave Charlton the chance to take advantage of an overstretched opponent. And so it was that, for a change, we saw the team finishing the season on a considerable high.

A couple of minutes before the end, when the sizeable contingent of Coventry supporters was tensely waiting for news on other scorelines around the Championship, a great cheer erupted from the Jimmy Seed stand as they heard that Leicester had failed to win and had thus been relegated, leaving Coventry safe for another season. On the face of it it was a bit bizarre too see such celebrations at such a crushing defeat, but having been relegated ourselves a year ago we knew how they must have felt.

I was pleased that we'll be playing Coventry again next season. Their supporters were great fun in the pub before the game and yet more proof that there's more that unites football supporters than divides them, local rivalries excepted.

But what will probably stay with me longest was the appearance near the end of Charlton's favourite, Chrissie Powell. He was greeted rapturously by the home crowd, and when shortly afterwards he scored the fourth goal we all seemed to be agreeing that it couldn't have been scripted better. Reports say that he was in tears as he walked around after the match in a lap of honour, and I know that there were a few lumps in throats and moist eyes amongst the supporters as well. He's been superb for us and it's a great shame that there's no coaching vacancy for him. Let's hope that we see him back at The Valley one day.

So, another season over. It was a disappointing one in that it fell apart after the win over Palace, but overall it was far more entertaining than our last few Premiership seasons. The board have renewed the offer of a free season ticket for 2009/10 if we're promoted next season, provided that we renew our tickets now. Like many others I've already decided that this is an offer I can't refuse.

We intend to carry on with these photos next season, but as I'm getting married at the beginning of August I might well be depending on Geoff to cover the early games.

Up the Addicks!

Saturday, 29-Mar-2008 20:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark

CAFC 2 Wolves 3, 29/3/2008

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