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By: David Hatch

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Friday, 5-Aug-2011 15:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A new season

Members of the Opposition 2010/11
So, the eve of another new season. with all of the usual high expectatiions. Except that this time there's a bit of a buzz about the quality of the squad that's about to be unveiled for the opening game.

Chrissie did his best with the squad he inherited, but we've all been waiting to see how his own team shapes up. There's been such an incredible clear-out this summer that it's possible that the only Charlton players who'll run on to the pitch tomorrow who we've seen before will be the pair that we've signed from Bournemouth! It's rather like last season in that it felt like watching a club other than Charlton for a few games, until I'd got used to the (many) new faces.

The pre-season matches seem to have given rise to optimism about the season ahead of us. So, in that optimistic mood I've decided to carry on with the Members of the Opposition photos for the time being - after all, this will be our tenth successive season!

I've finally completed last season's composite print and hope I'll be able to get it printed before I set off for the RoD tomorrow!

Saturday, 28-May-2011 13:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Comments suspended

I doubt that many football supporters will be visiting this site duruing the next couple of months, but those that do will find that I've suspended comments. This is because some vacuous spammer has been sending comments about some worthless retail items that he wishes to promote.

To be clear, I'm not remotely interested in clothing brands. I saw some grafitti at Kidbrooke station a while back that proclaimed, 'Brands Are For Cattle', which pretty much summed up my view. I'd go further nowadays: 'designer' brand names are capitalism's way of warning people like me that items labelled thus are over-priced tat that I can safely avoid - useful information that's a bit like the mandatory health warning on cigarettes.

So, as I manually clear the spam from this site I find it a useful reinforcement exercise for identifying worthless products.

I might re-open comments later, but it depends ....

Sunday, 17-Apr-2011 14:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Good performance, no points

CAFC 0 Huddersfield 1, 16/04/2011
Charlton turned in a genuinely crowd-pleasing performance and for the first time in years demonstrated a couple of slick set-piece moves that just must have come from the training ground. It was therefore all the more disappointing that, once again, the visitors took all the points.

There was a lot riding on this result as far as Huddersfield were concerned, sitting in third place and pushing for automatic promotion, and yet they seemed less adventurous and more edgy than Charlton who now have little to play for apart from self-respect. In the event their win was crucial, as the other teams in the top four also won.

Charlton's supporters clearly expected at least a point until Huddersfield scored, and even then there was still a chance right up until the final minute when the hapless Kyel Reid, storming through towards goal, ran ahead of the ball and back-heeled it instead - grrrrr!

Ah well, only two more home games to endure ahead of the squad's re-build this summer!

Friday, 1-Apr-2011 17:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Apologies for delay!

CAFC 3 Peterborough 2, 12th February 2011
CAFC 1 Exeter 3, 19/02/2011
CAFC 1 Carlisle 3, 01/03/2011
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Many apologies to any visiting supporters who've been waiting patiently to see the photos that I took at the Rose of Denmark. The clubs involved were Peterborough, Exeter, Carlisle, Tranmere and Southampton. The photos are all posted here, at long last.

It's been a disappointing season for Charlton fans, but not entirely unexpected. The one ray of sunshine has been the appointment of Chris Powell as manager, but the team's continuing poor form since the initial run of four victories has dulled even this.

The new chairman wrote to season ticket holders a couple of weeks ago encouraging us to renew. He said that 'all of us on the board share the disappointment and frustration that I'm sure you are feeling about our recent run of results'.

He added that, 'we are not going to spend recklessly or hastily and nothing will be done without Chris's say so, but I want to assure you that we know what needs to be done and over the coming months you will see significant investment to that end'. This was seen as being a communication with fans that was very much in the spirit of the club since the return to The Valley and was generally welcomed.

It's clear that promotion this season is now out of the question, so the best we can hope for is some sort of evidence that Chris is getting to grips with the players, coaching and encouraging the ones who are trying their best and threatening those who aren't that their days are numbered.

I regret that I'll probably not carry on with these match day photos next season. For quite a few matches in the past couple of seasons I haven't been able to track down any away supporters at all. Also, the numbers of our own group who attend on match days have dwindled from over two dozen five years ago to single figures nowadays. Also, since I re-married in 2008 my Saturdays haven't been entirely my own any longer

These factors, together with the general decline of the club, have turned what was fun into something of a chore. So, I feel that the time has come to call a halt to something that was fun while it lasted - nine seasons! Thank you to everyone who's taken part and helped to demonstrate that football supporters have far more that unites them than might be suspected by those who never go to a game!

Monday, 24-Jan-2011 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Chrissie comes home to a hero's welcome

CAFC 2 Plymouth 0, 22nd January 2011
Chrissie takes a bow
Chris Powell's first home match as Charlton manager put a couple of thousand on the gate, although it's arguable that a fair few of these were season ticket holders who'd been getting out of the habit of attending. Still, the atmosphere was excellent as we watched the continuingly weak Charlton team trying to impress their new boss ahead of the transfer deadline.

A better team than Plymouth would have spoiled Chrissie's day, but in spite of a recent away win they failed to get going at all. Not that Charlton looked any better in the first half. In the second, with the crowd still enjoying the sight of a much-loved former player on the touchline, things didn't really pick up until Scott Wagstaff pounced on an underhit back pass, beat the goalie to the ball and popped it into the net to all-round excitement. It had seemed likely that the goalie would get there first, but Wagstaff does have remarkable pace.

Just before the end Eccleston ran at the Argyle defence, briefly lost the ball but tenaciously regained possession before letting fly a shot into the bottom left hand corner of the goal. Game over.

The crowd was urging Chrissie to resume his famous jumps out of the tunnel after the game, but he'd already announced that this was now Elliot's role. You'd have to say that this is dead right, as he has to establish himself as an authority at the club and perform a more serious role.

A lot of us are very anxious that Chrissie should stabilise the club, bring back an ethic of hard work and effective team spirit and get us promoted. The board has been wise to recruit such an incredibly popular, iconic figure and in doing so has bought itself quite a bit of time. The problem for them is that if Chrissie doesn't manage to improve the club's fortunes it'll be the board that gets the blame rather than him

Still, a good start, and we Addicks have every reason to feel a bit more optimistic about the immediate future.

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